Curso de Inglês Empresarial

The Business English course is aimed at students who wish to improve their written and oral English communication skills for business purposes.

This 30-hour course focuses on topics of a business nature and proposes activities based on real life business contexts and geared towards the consolidation of grammatical structures and the acquisition of technical vocabulary. Classes will be supported by a variety of resources such as articles, videos and podcasts.



Minimum entry requirement- B1 or B2

Note: This course may also be offered to students of lower levels (B1) as long as the groups are formed by students with the same level. In the case of a B1 class for example, the lessons would focus on the assimilation of vocabulary and basic grammatical structures using business-related language through less complex texts and audios.


Aims and Objectives

  • practice and improve written communication skills (e.g. emails, memos, minutes, etc);
  • develop oral fluency in order to make telephone calls, participate in meetings and present or pitch ideas/projects;
  • gain confidence to participate in networking;
  • expand business-related vocabulary;
  • brush-up on grammar.

This course will equip students with the tools required to communicate and interact in English in a business working environment with greater confidence and quality.



Daniel Gregg holds a degree in Language, Literature and Culture and a CELTA certificate in English language teaching. He has several years of experience in teaching both General English and English for Specific Purposes in academic and business contexts.


segundas, quartas e quintas-feiras | 18h30 às 21h30

Datas do curso: 

6 a 27 de julho


A distância


30 horas

Preço e modo de pagamento:


O pagamento do curso deverá ser feito em duas vezes: 50% no momento da inscrição e 50% até ao final da primeira semana do curso.

O pagamento é realizado por transferência bancária para a seguinte conta:


IBAN: PT50 0035 0824 00007647230 59


Data limite para inscrições:

19 de junho

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