Curso de Técnicas de Apresentação Oral em Inglês

Oral Presentations In English Courses

Opening and closing presentations – Techniques for drawing attention, engaging the audience and establishing benefit and credibility;

Outlining structure – Giving structure to the presentation, signposting and logical progression;

Storytelling – Engaging the audience and communicating a message effectively;

Voice – Pausing , intonation, rhythm and highlights;

Visual Aids – Slide design and different documents of a presentation;

Facts and Figures – Presenting data effectively, describing change;

Body Language – Non-verbal communication, cultural differences and empathy vs. authority;

Building Empathy – Engaging and persuading the audience, humour;

Building Impact – Rhetorical techniques such as repetition, contrast and colourful language;

Q&A sessions – Dealing with interaction with audience members.

The programme includes exercises of Listening, Speaking and Reading, Remedial Grammar and Vocabulary.

The students are expected to prepare a presentation according to the guidelines given and perform it for class as a final assessment of the course.


Datas do curso: indisponível no 2º semestre

Preço: 300€